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The Rusty Barrell Supper Club was opened for business in October 1974.  The restaurant seated only 24, and patrons cooked their own steaks.  Upstairs was a bar area with a small dance floor.

Bill and Judy Coddington have proudly owned and operated the Rusty Barrell Supper Club since June 1976.  During this time, people from more than 65 foreign countries and all 50 states have dined with us.

We serve locally purchased beef that is aged 15 to 21 days and is not frozen.  Also, our salad bar is reported to be the best in town.

Our appreciation goes out to the many local businesses and the kind people of Ponca City and the surrounding area who have patronized our restaurant and helped us to educate visitors from around the world that the very best steak is available in Ponca City at the Rusty Barrell Supper Club.


Bill and Judy

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